Have You Heard?

1Pulse is a powerful component in getting your message and movie seen. Their team listens, suggests, and collaborates in a way that maintains the integrity of the product but also assists in putting it all together in a format that will be best digested by the general audience.
DJ Perry
CEO CDI Productions
Thank you for all that you and the team are doing to help OAF become a viable organization. OAF will thrive with all your efforts.
Marcia Johnson
You guys are doing a great job.
Looks fantastic. Great creativity!
Rick Eldridge
Supervising Producer, ReelWorks Studios, Producer, NEVER GIVE UP Movie
I love this sell sheet and the way it encourages engagement with influencers and affinity groups. Great job!
Bill Sondheim
CEO Greenfield Media
You have done so much more than any other
marketing company!
Christine Freeman
Owner, CA Concepts Studio
I enjoyed working with you all, and I got to experience first-hand what a special team of talented folks you all are. And to see the data presented in this email was not only very helpful and informative, but a great polish to this campaign. Well done!
Shane Hagedorn
Incredible news of the progress we have made because of the changes your team has made!
Christy Sirbuly
Really appreciate all your excellent handling of our film.
Michael Flynn
These MEAN ONE face filters are fantastic – and you work so fast! Your video is amazing. This is really coming together nicely – Great work so far!
Steven LaMorte

Producer/Director, THE MEAN ONE movie